4 signs that he just wants one night hookup

These days, with tinder hookup culture so popular and common, sometimes, it’s hard to tell if a guy wants a hookup only or into something more serious. Today, we are going to show you several signs suggest that he just want casual hookup instead of long-term committed relationships. Here we go:

First of all, he told you that fact. If a guy tells you that he’s not in a state of his life when he want to be in a committed relationship, believe him. Respect him for being upfront and respect his choice of lifestyle. Do not think you might be the person who can change that or assuming he choose that lifestyle just because he hasn’t met the right one and you might be the one for him. Just wake up!!!

You haven’t met his family or friends even though you have been gone out for a relatively long time. Usually, when a guy wants to be in a relationship, he won’t have any problem with introducing his girlfriend to his friends or family. Some guys even can’t wait to share your relationship with other people. But if you are going with this guy for some time and you haven’t met anyone in his life, it might be the reason that he hasn’t take this relationship to be a serious one and that it might be just a simple one night stand for him, so there is no need to introducing you to other people in his life.

If he disappeared for some time and went back to you. In such scenario, the huge chances are that he went away to search for other girls and failed miserably, then went back to you for only one obvious thing, that is to get laid. Everyone, girl or guy, if we really cares about someone, we would care about their well-being and how they feel about us. Therefore, if this guy disappeared without any notice and then showed up again for no reason, don’t take him seriously. If you are also in to hook up dating, that would be fine for you both, but if you want something more serious, this one is not the right one for you.

If he doesn’t meet you at places where you can’t act or talk privately. As a matter of fact, guys think ahead. When you plan on something, they would think the things might happen at that pace and what their expectations are if they go out with you. If they don’t see any possibility of getting laid in that place, then they probably won’t go.