The Reasons That You Can’t Get Girls’preference

These days, more and more people would liek to use BBW dating apps for knowing new friends. After being an user for two weeks, I found asking girls out can be really hard for me. I know I have some problems. I am not very handsome and more importantly, I really don’t know how to chat with girls in this chatting app as it is different from face to face chat. Then, I asked my cousin for help. He had dated with many girls and I knew he was very good at it. He listened to my experience and made a conclusion why I couldn’t get the preference of the girls online.

The first reason is that you don’t have your own advantages. Why do girls have to promise your date? Is there anything you can do for them. On this hookup dating site, it’s no loss for them if she doesn’t reply to your messages or refuses your appointment. After all, the reason why people use curvy dating app is to be happy. If she can’t be very happy when she stays with you, why must she go out with you? So, the first step, you should make sure where your strengths lie. I don’t deny that being rich is one of the advantages.

Girls always like men who spend money on her, which means you care about her. However, if women only like rich people, we ordinary people don’t have to live. You shouldn’t use dating app at this time, and you should work hard to make more money. In addition, some girls are disgusted with men who say they are rich and willing to spend money on a dinner. There is no loss if they say no to this meal. Of course, if you are really tall and handsome, I think it’s hard for girls to refuse you. After all, most boys are relatively ordinary.

So, as an ordinary boy, you should know where your advantages are. Trust me, modesty or politeness are also your strengths. My cousin said why he was so popular was because he was very modest in front of girls. Indeed, many girls are not as confident as boys. At this time, you can make it clear that you will do worse if you do the same thing as girls. Gaining her favor by praising her is not hard]at all. What’s more, boys must not be too conceited and feel that they are well-informed and fiddle with their knowledge at will. To be honest, if I were a girl, I won’t like my partner to show how much he knows. On the one hand, as a girls, I feel that I am looked down upon by this boy. On the other hand, the boy’s boasting always makes people think he is unreliable.

The second reason is to give her enough sense of security. This one should be very hard because more people don’t know how to do it. Some boys think a strong body would do it. This is not all. You should make girls trust you. The important step, let her think you are real. You can share some bad expereince with her and discuss with her. But do this not too often. Then, you may get a surprise.
I hope the two reasons will be remember by boys and get girls’ preference.