Dating and Love Advice for People Who Really Want It

Dating or hookup? If your answer is dating, this article might do you some good. However, if you want some casual hookups instead of serious mature dating, then this relationship advice might not be adoptable for you.

Okay, let’s get straight to the point. So, dating and relationship meaning what? Each individual has their own definition of these two terms, but in general, they refer to two persons who like each other, willing to establish a formal, serious and long-term connection that might possibly lead to marriage in the end. The biggest difference between adult dating and hook up is that the frontier often comes with commitment, while the latter cares more about having fun, such as the so-called fwb or nsa relationship.

Therefore, based on the difference, my first relationship advice for you is don’t be afraid of making commitment and be ready for it. Remember the Chandler in Friends? He’s the first guy come into my mind when I think about being afraid of making commitment. Thankfully, he overcame it after establish a relationship with Monica. Many people must have this inclination or mindset that each obstacle encountered in a relationship is caused by the sentence that “he/she is just not the right one”.

We can all conclude it with another sentence “You are just not that into him/her” or “He/she is just not that into you”. That is to say, if you really like the person you are dating, you should try to overcome all the obstacles because love can be the strongest power to help you get through all difficulties. This may sound cliche, but it’s undeniable. Making commitment is one of the key elements that enables your relationship to last longer and it offers a sense of security to your partner. Only when both parties feel secure and loved, can this mature dating relationship survive.

Second of all, be fully aware of the fact that dating and relationship is harder than hooking up or nsa relationship. For adult mature dating, especially if you are seeking a significant other who might be the one for the rest of your life, you should know the fact that it isn’t always fun and easy. In every phase of your relationship, there have to be some setbacks and frustrations. Don’t be chickened out by these difficulties. They aren’t always negative. They can be both binder or rip-off for your relationship depends on how you deal with them and the attitude you pose toward them.

Third, actually enjoy it. One common factor between adult hookup dating and mature dating is that they should be fun and happy, at least for the most part. This is the norm of a healthy and positive relationship. I have one friend who suffered from the exact opposite circumstance. They love each other for sure, but the fact is they just don’t fit regarding personalities and family background. Being together is struggling for both in majority of the time. However, due to the same reason – love, neither of them wants to let this relationship go. When love die out, there’s only fight, arguing and bad memory left.