Best dating tips from women to men

Dating a girl for the very first time is always exciting, especially for those that haven’t date any girl till now. First date is very exciting and if your first date goes well, you can think about the second date or a long term dating relationship with her but what happen if your first date didn’t go well and you don’t know how to manage things in your first date. If this happens, definitely your desire to date her again won't be fulfill in any case.

So, first date is important especially when you are looking for a long term dating relationship with her. When you are looking to impress your dating partner in your first date, here are few rules that you must have follow before your first date when you met her online or somewhere else. Here are the rules that you must follow if you really want to date her for long term.

Be honest – most guys find online dating sites a best dating platforms and can easily find a date for them. But there are many that create their online dating profiles with fake identity. This is not correct, If you are looking for a long term dating relationship, it is quite best to be honest. Nothing is important and than an honest guy. Remember that one truth is far better than hundreds of lies. So, for long term relationship, you must not tell anything lie about yourself to her.

When you find a woman in online dating site and find her sexier and attractive. You are quite passionate to date her. When you are trying to connect with her and send message, it is quite important that you are not saying just ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ to her. There must be few lines when you are going to connect with her. A few lines about her or yourself will work and there is no need for lengthy paragraph or write a novel for her.

Profile picture of your profile – when you are looking for a date via online dating sites, it is quite important that your profile photo is clearly visible and other can see your eyes clearly in your photo. It is advised to not use any group photo or any other photo that is not clearly visible and not attract other users.

There must be common things in you and her – when you are looking for a woman to date via online dating sites, it is quite mandatory that there must be something common in between you and her or we can say a lot more common. This will surely help you to go ahead and your chances to date her is almost doubled if you both have common interests, hobbies, sports, music taste and many other things.

When you are looking for a date via online dating sites, it is mandatory to follow these essential dating tips for a successful and an amazing first date.