Etiquettes that you must show when you are on a date(Part – 1)

You are on your date and looking to impress your dating partner so that you will get the opportunity to date her again. If you really want to date her for long term and interested in a healthy dating relationship with her, it is best to work on your etiquettes first. If you are well mannered and know how to treat a woman in public and in private, you will get the chance to date her again and she will be with you as long as you are respecting her views and her decisions too.

Most guys thinks that money can buy anything and you can date any girl to any number of times because you are rich but it’s not that correct and if you are not well mannered and have etiquettes to represent yourself and also you don’t know how to give respect and treat her, it is quite sure that you are not going to deserve a chance to date her again and she will surely reject you right after your first date. So, if you are interested in long term dating and looking to date her again, it’s best to know how to treat her and make her happy and feels comfortable with you.

Here are few dating tips for guys to how to behave when they are with a girl in public place and how to treat their dating partner to make her feel special. Follow these essential dating tips if you are interested in long term dating with her. Here are the tips that will help you to impress your dating partner in your first date. Follow these essential general dating tips.

Open a door for her – when you are going out for a coffee on your first date. It is important that you are opening a door for her and also pull a chair. This will show your etiquettes and she understands that you are a true gentle and know how to treat a woman in public and make her feel special in public areas. It is a symbol that you are giving respect to your dating partner and women really do like these things where she is getting importance in front of public.

Surprise her with a gift – first date and you didn’t buy a gift for your dating partner? This is not going to be accepted and it is quite obvious that your dating partner might also expect a gift from you. You must know that women love surprises and you have to buy a surprise gift for her in your first date. This will make the things normal and she will be feeling pretty special for you.
Good sense of humor – when you are on your first date, it is best if you are using your sense of humor to make the conversation more interesting and enjoying. Women love the guys with good sense of humor. So, if you are blessed with good sense of humor, use it to impress your girl.