Etiquettes that you must show when you are on a date(Part – 2)

Dating is fun and you know it become more interesting and enjoyable if you know how to make your girl happy and feeling special. Here are few things that you need to know about etiquettes that you have to follow when you are on your first date. It is believed that when you are on your first date, girls often expect some school time etiquettes from their dating partner and expecting the respect and the importance to make her feel special.

In previous post, we discussed few tips about etiquettes that how to behave and what to do when just enter the coffee shop or some other place. Here are few more general dating tips that will be helpful to impress your dating partner. Follow these tips and you will get the best what you are looking for. If you are interested in long term relationship, it is mandatory that you know how to behave and treat your girl. Follow these essential tips that will help you in your first date.

Switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode – when you are on your first date, every girl want that his guy will concentrate on her only. So, if you are on your first date and looking on your phone instead of her, this will surely ruin your date and this may also make her feel that you are not interested in her or not enjoying your date. If this really happens, it is quite sure that you are not getting the second chance to date her again and this will be your first and last date. So, to avoid such situation, it is best to switch off your phone or if you cannot do that, keep your phone on silent mode. If you don’t want to ruin your first date, it’s better not to use your phone when she is asking or sharing something to you. Do not use your phone or text anyone unless it is quite very important.

Avoid past - if you don’t want to get embarrass or don’t want to make her uncomfortable, it’s best to avoid any question that is related to past relationship. If you are asking anything about her past relationship or share about your past, this will make the conversation bit messy and she really don’t like to discuss about her past relationship. So it’s better to avoid this topic.

Don’t go personal – it’s your first date and it is mandatory to keep the things quite very simple. It is advised to not share any personal detail or secrets to her in your first date. Keep the mystery on and leave some talks for your next date.

Praise her – this is quite an important thing that you have to do not only on your first date but for the rest of your life if you are interested to date her for the rest of your life.
Follow these essential tips and you will impress your girl for sure.