First date and the things I must take care

You are dating a girl via online dating sites from last few months and everything between you is quite amazing and now you are interested to go to next level and going out for your first date and see each other in personal for the very first time. Everything is final and now it’s time for your first date, feeling bit nervous? When you are on your first date, it is quite obvious that you are feeling nervous and super excited but make sure you must know few things about your first date and never forget these essential first dating rules in your excitement otherwise you may have to face an embarrassing situation.

Here are the rules of your first dating, follow these essential dating rules.

What should I wear – when you are going on your first date, the very first question is what should I wear? It is quite very important that you look attractive on your first date. You have to wear according to the place where you are going on your first date. Clothes you wear on your first date is directly related to the location where you are going on your first date.

If you are feeling bit confused or nervous and don’t able to decide what you should wear, it is best to take a help from your friend or brother if they owns a good dressing sense.

Location - the second important thing is your location where you decide your first date. It is important that the place where you are going on your first date is very important. When you are selecting a place for your first date, it is mandatory to take her advice too and if she is not comfortable with that place, it’s best to check other places.

Remember that the location must not very far from you and your dating partner and you both will know that place very well. Also your first dating place is must be crowd free or not very noisy because you have lots of talks, questions to ask and if the place is too noisy and full of crowed, you will not get the chance have chat freely. A public park, zoo or a coffee shop are one of the best locations where you can go for your first date. Avoid watching movies or go to disco bars as you won’t get the freedom there. First dating place must be a public place instead of a private apartment or hotel room.

Avoid alcohol - if you are looking for a long term dating relationship, it’s best to keep your first date quite simple and avoid adding alcohol on your first date. It’s better to have some coffee instead of alcohol. If you really want to add alcohol, make sure you that you know your limits and didn’t consume too much otherwise you may ruin your first date and might also lose your dating partner too.